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Selene 48 Ocean Trawler

Home Port: Friday Harbor Washington

Hi, I am now in Australia, 12,650 miles—the rudder has worked perfectly, in 15 foot following seas I only yaw 4-5 degrees.  I think the rudder has contributed to my fuel effeminacy and range.  I highly recommend the Articulating Rudder to any long range passage maker. 

live with passion!

Capt. Brian calvert
MV furthur



34' Mainship
Single Screw Trawler

"We recently had an Articulated Rudder installed from Bayview Engineering on our 2005 MS 34T - and the change in handling with the new rudder is amazing. I considered this over adding a stern thruster & decided to go this route as I needed more low speed handling options than a thruster would have provided. Add to that - the additional expense of a thruster over the articulated rudder, and it appeared to be a good decision going in. Now that we've had the rudder installed - it's a no brainer. My mechanic rode back to the Marina from the yard with me - a distance of about 15 miles - and we put the boat & autopilot thru several tests. Initially the autopilot response was a bit interesting - as it over-corrected substantially due to the new found steering response. We had already notice increased low speed handling as we maneuvered around the haul-out facility basin - as we can now do a 360 in almost one boat length. This was previously unheard of - and now is very welcome as this is really what I was looking for. On the autopilot adjustments, we had to place the system in "auto-learn" mode, so it could adjust to the new rudder. Once we completed this process - the autopilot was quite happy. At low & high cruising speeds - the boat tracked straight as it never had before. My mechanic has a few years experience with Mainships - and commented that the boat seemed to track like a twin now. I noticed much much smaller input was needed at the helm to affect any time of course change, and especially at low speeds were my expectations met as I no longer had to lead the turn in order to (hope to) get the track I needed. As I attempted to dock - I realized a bit of re-learning is now in my future as I over-corrected in a big way - continually - as I backed in to the slip. I now look forward with ease to any "interesting" docking challenges.... as I have the right equipment on my boat. The standard rudder configuration is considerably inadequate in my opinion for this type of boat. I say an articulated rudder is a must-have, and I now have the proof! I will have pictures posted soon, and we plan to do a side by side video with another standard-rudder 34 soon & post on YouTube. So - if you can swing it - do yourself a favor & get one of these now! Your peace of mind will thank you many times over!!"

Pat Corley
2005 MS 34T
Destin, FL


40' Mainship
Single Screw Trawler

"After hearing a couple of members talk of the pluses of the articulating rudder we went ahead and ordered one from Bayview engineering. All I can say is that is the best money I have ever spent on a boat. We have a single engine 400 and I was always disapointed with the handling of the boat. We had the rudder installed at St Augustine Marine and are now in the Bahamas. On the ICW the boat handled like a dream and while docking I never used the bow thruster. The boat just turns so well at slow speeds. Crossing the Gulf Stream we had 3-4 ft seas of the stern quarter which always made the boat squirrly but with the rudder we ran straight and true. The auto pilot worked a lot less. Another thing that I noticed was that the rumble from cavitation in the aft cockpit is gone."

Ben Doliber
MV Belinda B


40' Mainship
Single Screw Trawler

"I installed one of these articulating rudders this spring.  I have never been so disappointed in my life when I sold my NonSuch sail boat that I could parallel park if necessary and purchased my 400 T!  The 400 T had the equivalence of backing an 18 wheeler into a tight parking space at WalMart on a Saturday night blindfolded!  I was so discussed with the inability to put the boat anywhere or even make it go in a straight line I installed a stern thruster.  Ok, a little better but still the 400T was pathetic to me and a disappointment to say the least.  I could write a book on my encounters leaving and going in the high current here at Portsmouth, NH, no crash and burn experiences but close to it!

So I decided to try an Articulating Rudder!  OMG!!!!!!  I don't have to use the thrusters like I did in the past and many times not at all!  It has superior turning abilities especially at low speeds now and I only set it at position 2 not 3!  At high speed you will hit your own wake with the tight turning radius.  This is absolutely, unquestionably the most important significant thing I have ever done in my boating life that has made such a difference.  If it was 100 degrees outside and I had to give up this rudder or the air conditioners, guess what, the air conditioners would be gone!  Yes it’s that great!  Pricy, absolutely, but how many mistakes can you make when a boat is out of control in high current/wind in a tight slip that would cost you less?  I rest my case!

David Gress


58' Krogen
Twin Screw Trawler

“After the installation of our BEI articulating rudders we ran with 8' to 12' beam and quartering seas on autopilot. There was less than 10 degrees of course deviation. The autopilot didn't have to work hard at all. I have strongly suggested to Krogen Vice-President, Tom Button, that they offer BEI articulating rudders as an option on their new boats of all sizes.”

Joe Cloutier
MV Spectra


Northern Marine 64'
Heavy Displacement Single Screw Trawler

“Replacing the standard rudder with BEI's articulating rudder was the perfect solution to my steering problems. Many times, when I'm maneuvering at slower speeds in rivers and narrow places that have strong tidal flows, the bulbous bow on Spirit of Zopilote would act as a counter rudder. With BEI's articulating rudder, my maneuverability at low speeds has greatly improved.
As an added bonus, my autopilot works 50% less than before. I agree with other users of BEI's articulating rudder - now I have much more control and rarely use my thrusters for docking.”

Bruce Kessler
MV Spirit of Zopilote

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