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Free Hanging Articulating Rudder for Mainship 350 / 390

This very popular trawler model was produced by Mainship from 1997 to 2004 The rudder that we are offering is designed for the single engine version of this model. If you have the twin screw model then this particular articulating rudder is not for you. Please contact us, we would be happy to offer a quote for rudders on your twin screw vessel.

Please contact us so that we may insure compatibility with your model year.

This rudder is constructed with 304 Stainless steel and is priced to sell. It is available for immediate delivery. Contact us!

Mainship 350 / 390 articulating rudder shown installed in photo

This rudder was designed for the 350 / 390 Mainship but if your vessel has a 1-1/2" rudder post then there is a possibility that this articulating rudder could work for you. Give us a call !

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