Free Hanging Articulating Rudder for Vessels without a Bottom Steel that extends Below the Rudder

Bayview Engineering Industries articulating rudders are state of the art and are available in many styles and a variety of materials. The BEI articulating rudders are unique in design because they have the ability to be tuned to enhance the performance of the vessel and the handling desires of the captain. This adjustment is accomplished while the vessel is out of the water and can be adjusted to become more or less aggressive as desired.

These rudders are custom designed for your vessel and are furnished with complete torque calculations to assure your steering system will handle the additional load incurred with the articulating rudder. Our design department will completely design the rudder in our 3D cad program which will assure the proper fit and aid in the installation of the unit.

All pieces of the free hanging articulating rudder are created with CNC (computer numerically controlled) accuracy. The plate profiles are cut with a CNC water-jet obtaining great precision while achieving little to no heat distortion.

The rest of the components as well as some of the water-jet plates are CNC machined, maintaining an even higher degree of tolerance. The materials are; 304 and 316 stainless steel main and aft plates, 304 and 316 stainless steel fences with integral bearing caps, split Delron articulating axle bearings (easily replaceable), articulating stainless steel axle pins with integral thrust bearing faces, stainless steel upper rudder post, stainless steel pin block, articulating pin and holder, Delron slider “T” bushing and aft articulating tiller handle.

All parts are clamped to custom made fixtures and TIG and MIG welded maintaining proper alignment and form.

All of our free hanging rudders incorporate a modified foil shape. This modified foil shape adds lateral strength to the rudder necessary to compensate for all the loads transferred to the upper rudder post.

The BEI rudder has proven to be a great performer. (Read Testimonials) We are confident you will find this articulating rudder to be a true aid in the performance and handling of your vessel. As with all our products we will create a custom one off component and/or production component achieving consistency and precision through-out a run and rerun of components. Since all our pieces and parts are fully created in our state of the art 3D CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining programs by NX and Ideas (registered trademarks of the UGS Corporation) we have the flexibility to adjust and adapt quickly and efficiently to the evolving needs of redesigns.

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As a rule we do not begin construction of an articulating rudder until we have an order. However on popular models when an order is placed we will at times construct a second articulating rudder. See our list of available rudders.

If you currently own an articulating rudder we would enjoy hearing your comments. If you have not recieved one of our customer satisfaction cards please click here. We want to hear from you !

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